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Move on your timeframe, sell at a price fair to you, all while avoiding the hassle of listing your home!

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Why The Cash Offer System?

Our Cash Offer Program brings you up to multiple upfront, cash offers on your home within 48 hours at a price acceptable to you.

Let Us Show You How It Works

Contact Our Office

Reach out to our office to schedule a no-obligation in person viewing of the home. We will meet with you to inspect the condition of the home in order to bring you a cash offer.

Determine Your Home's Value

BEFORE you even list with us, we'll prepare an in-depth market analysis of your home, including all recent sales and current listings. We'll then deterimine a price together and walk you through what you'll need after all expenses and closing costs.

Get a Guaranteed Offer

This also determines your guaranteed price and list price which you will receive upfront before even listing your home. You always get the option to accept one of our cash offers or list your home. You're doubly protected, because you always get to choose the highest offer, whether it's from us or another buyer.

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Sell Your Home Without Even Listing It

Our VIP Matchmaker service gets you connected to our database of 4800 buyers, we could have an offer on your home from one of our buyers without even listing your home.

48 Hr Cash Offer Program

Get multiple upfront offers on your home within 48 hours. You always get to choose the highest offer, whether it's our upfront offers or another buyer.

Cancel Any Time Guarantee

Even though all our clients have been super happy working with us, if you’re not content choosing the We Sell Windsor Team or end up no longer intending to buy or sell your home, you can cancel at anytime with no obligation or repercussions.

Certified Pre Owned Program

Pre-inspected and professionally cleaned (and more) gives buyers the assurance they need before offering on your home.

VIP Buyer Program

Save at least $10,000 on your new home and get access to unlisted properties, free from competition. Better selection, no bidding wars, better terms.

Trustworthy & Fast Communication Guarantee

#1 Complaint of Realtors is poor communication. We'll give you $500 if we don't get back to you within 24 hrs.

18 Month Buyer Satisfaction

You’re going to love your new home, we guarantee it! When you purchase your home with the We Sell Windsor team, if you’re not satisfied with your home within 18 months, we’ll sell it for free!

Fast Sale & Top Dollar Marketing

Hundreds of buyers will love your home with our top tier marketing package – professional photography, drone footage, twilight photos, and a virtual tour to provide your home with the best first impression possible!

With over 4800 buyers in waiting, one of them could be looking for your exact home.

Thousands of registered buyers in our database are looking for a home in Windsor and surrounding areas. We get you connected to these buyers before even listing your home as a free service. You could sell your house without even listing it.

Shop Before You Sell

Having an upfront offer on your house allows you to actively search for your new home without the need to worry if your home will successfully sell. No emotional rollercoaster, no chance of getting stuck with two homes, more peace of mind.

Certified Pre Owned Program & Exclusive Marketing Strategies

Get to take advantage of our Certifed Pre-Owned Program along with our other propiertary marketing strategies to get your home sold FAST at the highest price possible. Our Certified Pre Owned Program gets your home pre-inspected, and in the best condition possible to attract the highest amount of quality buyers and putting their concerns at ease before offering on your home.

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Your Referrals Help Individuals With Autism

Join us on our mission to donate $25,000 to Autism Ontario. Out of every transaction completed this year, we are proudly donating a portion of our commissions earned to help with this worthy cause, and we wouldn't be able to do it without your help!
Autism Ontario helps all autistic individuals and families in their communities have access to meaningful support, information, and connections, so they’re equitably and seamlessly supported across their life course.
If you know someone who's moving and would like to contribute to this worth cause, then give us a call today!

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